Production Status

"Trials" is currently in development. Production will begin Fall 2010. Investment inquiries: Email Jeremy Cleek.


“Trials” is a poetic exploration of intimacy, vulnerability and the inescapable power of love.

Two women and a man, all in love with one another, struggle to comprehend their unique relationship. Our film will follow their personal journeys of self-discovery and their struggles amidst ever-shifting understandings of love.

Lee, Bridget, and Valerie live as lovers under one roof. They continually stumble between states of bliss, exhilaration and uncertainty, daily wrestling with their unorthodox existence. What sort of future can such a romance hold? What is the meaning of loyalty within these walls?

Torn in disagreement, the three resolve to give up on their complicated arrangement and finally separate. For the first time, the former lovers will make themselves vulnerable to others, in an attempt to understand and overcome the fears that drew them apart. Through their trials with intimacy, Lee, Bridget, and Valerie will grow to have confidence in their own, personal understandings of love, and accept that love, inevitably, is out of anyone’s control.

“Trials” is a modern love story. Strange, unique, and at once universal.